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How Japan Emerging As A Giant of Horse Breeding
12/23/2017 CNN
Tradition dictates that the likes of USA, France, and Ireland -- where there are 50 thoroughbred horses per 10,000 people -- rear the world's finest racing steeds. But over the past decade, Japan has bucked that trend
The High-End Horse Market Has Finally Recovered From the Financial Crisis
9/28/2017 Bloomberg
The bull market that has spread in the U.S. from stocks to junk bonds to real estate has now made its way into a more obscure corner of the financial world: thoroughbreds.
Horses find shelter from Hurricane Irma
9/8/2017 WPLG
There is a huge equestrian community in South Florida, including one right in Southwest Ranches. At Circle S Farms there are dozens of horses on property that they are taking care of during Hurricane Irma.
Columbus Exports Kentucky Thoroughbred Horses to Saudi Arabia
12/24/2016 Columbus Business First
Columbus has a surprising new export – thoroughbred horses. The Columbus Regional Airport Authority said the city has begun moving thoroughbred horses from Kentucky to Saudia Arabia through Rickenbacker International Airport.
When Horses Are In Trouble They Ask Humans For Help
12/23/2016 Science Daily - Kobe University
When horses face unsolvable problems, they use visual and tactile signals to get human attention and ask for help, a new study show. The study also suggests that horses alter their communicative behavior based on humans' knowledge of the situation.
US proposes ‘extraordinary’ cross-country rule change
12/17/2016 Horse & Hound
United States Eventing Association (USEA) is proposing to introduce an “extraordinary” rule change to improve cross-country safety for horse and rider.
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